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Project Pharos – Sector data and outcomes management system

Eleven organisations providing alcohol and other drug treatment services in Western Australia now have a new system to manage their data and outcomes. Known as Pharos, the system has been implemented by WANADA with support from Lotterywest and the Mental Health Commission (MHC).

The project was prompted by the planned decommissioning of the Service Information Management System (SIMS), provided by the MHC, in July 2021.

Planning for the data and outcomes management system was completed during WANADA’s comprehensive scoping project in 2019 and 2020, funded by the MHC. WANADA undertook extensive sector consultation to define requirements for the client management system and identify a preferred system vendor.

The scoping project steering group, comprising WANADA member organisations, selected the preferred vendor for the data and outcomes management system. The system supports:

  • service delivery, including scheduling and communications;
  • management of service user data;
  • outcomes monitoring;
  • organisation quality improvement;
  • contract acquittal reporting;
  • reporting to the Alcohol and other Drug Treatment Services National Minimum Data Set; and
  • data privacy and security.

The data and outcomes management system is known as Pharos. Pharos was an ancient lighthouse in Alexandria. With connotations of illumination, knowledge, and guidance, it’s a fitting name for a data and outcomes management system that will inform service delivery planning and quality improvement processes. This name was selected by the project steering group following a sector competition.

WANADA engaged an independent IT consultant to provide project management services and support system testing, training, and data migration.

All eleven WANADA member organisations participating in the project are now using their own version of Pharos.

WANADA extends its gratitude to staff at WANADA member organisations that contributed their time and effort to the success of this project.

WANADAdata – Sector data repository

In conjunction with Project Pharos, WANADA is developing a sector data repository to inform policy and planning and identify sector trends and development needs.

The sector data repository, named WANADAdata, will house information about alcohol and other drug service delivery in WA. This data set will comprise de-identified data provided with the consent of service users, drawn from the Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services National Minimum Data Set.

WANADAdata will be a resource for the alcohol and other drug service sector to inform policy and planning, to the benefit of service users in WA.

More Information

For more information about Project Pharos or WANADAdata, please contact WANADA on (08) 6557 9400.



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