Bloodwood Tree Association looks to the future with Pharos

Bloodwood Tree Association in South Hedland has implemented a new data and outcomes system for alcohol and other drug services called Pharos, which will guide quality processes, practices and service provision.

Bloodwood Tree is one of eleven organisations providing alcohol and other drug treatment services in Western Australia to participate in WANADA’s Project Pharos, now in its final phase.

Bloodwood Tree Association CEO Kelly Howlett says that achieving positive outcomes for clients is at the centre of everything they do.

“Data and outcomes management is critical to a service like Bloodwood Tree,” says Kelly.

With the Mental Health Commission de-commissioning the Service Information Management System (SIMS) in June 2021, Bloodwood Tree Association needed to explore options for a new data and outcomes management system. WANADA’s Project Pharos, funded by the Mental Health Commission and Lotterywest, offered the system and support they needed.

“Strength is always in numbers,” says Kelly. “As a small, regional and remote organisation, it made sense for Bloodwood Tree to be part of the WANADA collective approach.”

Another benefit of Pharos for Bloodwood Tree Association will be to have data specific to the organisation’s requirements - and which match its services and programs - easily available.

Recognising the work needed to implement a new system, Bloodwood Tree assigned their Alcohol and other Drug and Mental Health Coordinator Ann Porter to lead the implementation, ensuring ongoing involvement, that deadlines were met and that there were no omissions.

“Bloodwood Tree making this investment from the outset was important,” says Kelly. “We all get so busy with day to day activities, having a dedicated staff member being our lead meant that we were part of the process and our ‘go live’ was as smooth as it could be.”

Ann says that Bloodwood Tree appreciated the support provided by WANADA, system vendor Lumary and consultants Tango IT.

“Bloodwood Tree staff have appreciated being very involved and supported through our training and use of Pharos,” says Ann. “We know that Pharos will enable us to measure outcomes with our clients and evaluate our programs and services, assisting us to feedback to management, our Board and Elders, and funding providers.”

Bloodwood Tree Association's commitment to improving outcomes for clients has seen them win a 2021 WA Alcohol and other Drug Excellence Award in the 'Excellence in Improving AOD Outcomes for Aboriginal Peoples' category.

“Bloodwood Tree is excited in terms of what the future holds,” says Kelly. “Pharos will provide the accountability and evidence that will support us to do the great work we do together with our clients, changing lives for the better.”

For more information about Pharos, please visit WANADA - System Support.


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Picture: Bloodwood Tree Association’s Alcohol and other Drug and Mental Health Coordinator Ann Porter and AOD Counsellor Timara Simpson using Pharos


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