Worker Wellbeing Resource Guide

Supporting worker wellbeing is particularly important in the current alcohol and other drug sector environment, which is characterised by increasingly complex practice, changing funding environments,
resource challenges, and the need for culturally sensitive practice and quality service standards.

"Supporting invidividual workers’ physical and mental health is critically important, not only for the
individual, but also for maintaining a healthy workplace," says WANADA Sector Development Coordinator Kim Ziapur. "Contemporary approaches to worker wellbeing acknowledge the multiple determinants of wellbeing and consider organisational supports and impacts."

To support worker wellbeing in the WA alcohol and other drug sector, WANADA has developed the pdf Alcohol and other Drug Sector Guide to Worker Wellbeing Resources (366 KB) . The guide includes user friendly tools chosen for their brevity to support the health of workers and organisations.

For more information or to offer your feedback, please contact WANADA Sector Development Coordinator Kim Ziapur on (08) 6557 9400 or via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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